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 This product works great, me and my son is taking this, so far I lost 7lbs and he lost 9ls in less than a week. Thanks
 Reviewed by:  Robin Wells from Detroit, MI. on 1/5/2012

This is no joke!
 I love this product especially for the pice. Lost weight and still loosing. You have a customer for life!
 Reviewed by:  Tracie from Jacksonville FL. 

Awesome product!
 This is a really effective product! It arrived quickly .thank you
 Reviewed by:  lisa from CA. 

works with other diets too!
 The drops work good for appitite control no mater what diet you follow. I followed the low carb diet did not loose as fast as the HCG diet but it works better for me.
 Reviewed by:  Judy from APEX.

thanks thanks thanks
 this product help me look like the i want. thanksssssssssssssssss
 Reviewed by:  rachel from brooklyn .ny.

best diet that I have ever
 This is the very best diet that I have ever done. This HCG really seems to work marvelously. I lost 30 pounds in 47 days .thank you
 Reviewed by:  sozana from FL. 

 Works to lose weight. Does not work to control hunger & cravings. That will be your own will power. I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. Mostly around my stomach.
 Reviewed by:  Sherwood from Texas. 

 A+ Service!!! Thanx!!! I Highly Recommend Him!!!
 Reviewed by:  martin from TX

work good for me
 his is the very best diet that I have ever done. This HCG really seems to work marvelously. I lost 11 pounds and have not gained any back at a
 Reviewed by:  fallon932 from CA United States. 

 Have been trying the product side by side w/ another brand. Not sure if taste is a sign of either quality or potency, but Ur product has a much blander taste compared to the bitter or tartness of the other. Haven't done well in sticking to the diet that Ur suppose to use, so don't any results so far.
 Reviewed by:  Joe from Texas. 

Great deal!
 We will buy from you again .thanks
 Reviewed by:  KentVitmamin from Los Angeles CA. 

Im frickin surprised
 Lost 5lbs by the end of the of 5th day. On the 6th, I cheated and regained a pound. I started running and watched what I ate on the 7th day and by the 8th day I lost 2lbs. I am back on board and have decided to not slip again-- great product, great results, it's up to you to aid the drops.thanksss!
 Reviewed by:  LEONARDO from skinny again ,NY. 

hcg power 3000 great result
 I wasn't sure if I could do this diet so I decided to try the 23 day round and I lost 25 pounds in 23 days! My energy was great and after the first couple of days I had no cravings. I'm surprised at how good I feel so I may go ahead and extend my round. I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend this product to anyone looking to lose weight quickly without feeling starved and drained of energy
 Reviewed by:  dogals from silver lake CA. 

 My husband & I have both been taking the HCG drops and following the eating program. It really works! Both of us have lost at least 20 pounds!
 Reviewed by:  BOBO2552 from BOSTON.